Friday, August 21, 2020

PSA: Supplier Shortages

Toward the middle of lockdown, which took place (for us) between mid March and the third week of May, we received correspondence from our largest supplier that dealers should expect issues with high demand item stock. This was solely due to non-essential business shutdowns in their factory locations, and this notification, in turn, likely caused a rapid depletion of popular items in their warehouse.

We were notified that upon reopening, they would be fulfilling backorders with priority given to top selling items, causing a further wait for more specialty products, and additional backorders would be generated. This is still currently taking place, affecting many stores in our industry - us included. 

 We currently have our best selling pick gauges, regular tension student classical strings, 15' Classic Series Cables, and 80/20 Custom Light acoustic strings backordered - their respective orders were placed when stock was available, but backordered by the time it was processed. Other affected items, out of stock at the time of our last order, include standard non-coated D'addario acoustic 12s, all D'addario banjo variants except for Irish tenor, and Classic series XLR cables of all lengths except 50ft. Initially we had difficulty acquiring clip on tuners and capos as well - we have since sourced comparable products elsewhere for the time being. 

We ask that you continue to be patient regarding these issues, as many shops are affected. We are currently keeping a close eye on the situation, balancing well-timed orders with financial obligations. This is a challenge for everyone involved, and we appreciate your understanding.

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