Sunday, June 12, 2022

Thought Lot closure information

You may have heard The Thought Lot is closing and slated for demolition.
This is true.

As of March 17, we have received our formal notice by the company acquiring the property to vacate no later than
July 1, 2022

We do not have a timeline for our vacancy, but are operating mostly as normal for the time being.

Current and expected changes:
  • We will not be ceasing operations, but instead will be transitioning to an online-only sales format after we vacate our current space. We will be utilizing our existing Reverb store to its fullest potential.
  • New layaways will not be initiated.
  • New consignment intake will only be considered under particular circumstances. New agreements will include terms that consignors are willing and able to pick up consignments in the chance that the items do not sell in the months we have remaining.
  • Purchases and trades will be considered on a case by case basis. We will need to be conscious of what items can and cannot reasonably be shipped, and many of our large existing items are flexible in price to ease the vacancy process.
  • Retail fixtures will be sold.
  • Consignors will be contacted to discuss options in the coming weeks.


Tuesday, December 1, 2020

December Update

Hey guys, happy December and all that. Just some info for you as we approach the end of 2020:

~ Our tech/teacher will not be available from December 8th to December 16th. If you are in need of repair work, or a quote for an extensive job, please reach out this week. Current students will be contacted about scheduling over the course of this week. 
~ Consignments (or trades)! We are currently looking for low to mid-range electric guitars and 4-string basses - Squier, Epiphone, Ibanez, Schecter, LTD, etc. We are also in great need of small practice amps, and can consider some purchase of these.
~ Lessons and store gift certificates are always available, and with some continuing supplier concerns, likely through the holiday season (still have some backorders out...), this could be a great gift option for your musically-inclined loved ones. This might also alleviate some stress of not knowing what they want or need!
We also have a eGift card link -
That's about it for now. We can be reached at our website with any questions: