Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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Blues/Roots Guitar:"Buddy Bolden's Blues"

Steve James is internationally known for his mastery of blues guitar styles as well as for his deep knowledge of the history of the great traditional players, from the Piedmont to the Delta. Here, he teaches “Buddy Bolden's Blues,” a classic jazz/blues in C that makes use of alternate bass fingerpicking, the "thumb roll," and some funky New Orleans-style chords. Along the way, Steve passes along musical insights that will be useful in figuring out many other blues-based songs.
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Yearly Reminder - Layaway!

YEARLY REMINDER: With the holidays coming up, if you weren't already aware, you might find it interesting to know we DO offer layaway. We want to help you give and get what you want, so here's a few examples of how you can use this information:
~ You're buying something for someone else, but don't want to bring it home right away, or are working around a budget that doesn't allow for an all-at-once purchase, but you've got 10%. We get it, you're good to go.
~ Your friends and family don't know what to get you and you want to secure a particular item, and if they're so inclined, and no one believes in surprises, they can help contribute to the one larger item. You get something you want, they get gifting out of the way, everyone's happy. Alternatively, you can tell them we do gift certificates and you'll be able to put those towards your item of choice.
~ You put that something you want on layaway, your plan backfires and your friends and family insist on buying you a tin of 3 flavors of popcorn, a sweater you'll have to wear exactly once, and socks. If you put it on layaway now, you'll have until the middle of January to pay it up yourself and get what you really want. It's 90 days, after all.

And if THAT doesn't quite work out, we'll also extend your layaway in increments of 30 days for a small fee. Can't make it to the shop often? We can do invoices, so you can pay for and pick up your items at your convenience. We're not unreasonable people.