Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Black Friday / Small Business Saturday

We’re keeping it simple for Black Friday this year - 10% Off All Shop Owned items. Save the gas and hassle and come in on Saturday instead.

This year, Small Business Saturday is the day to stop by, especially if you have some larger purchases to make. We’ve established a couple different discount tiers that will apply to Saturday only, with a few extras thrown in.
  • Tier 1 - Total purchases $99 and less are will receive an automatic 10% discount off of shop owned items
  • Tier 2 - Total purchases from $100-499 receive 15% off shop owned items.
  • Tier 3 - Totals from $500+ receive 20% off shop owned items
  • Unrelated tier for people that aren’t sure what they should be buying - 5% off gift certificates.
So to clarify, if you come in, for example, and make a rash but ultimately satisfying decision to buy the Martin GCPCA4 that we just got back in not too long ago, but you were ACTUALLY sent in to buy an electric guitar, amp, and accessories for a beginner, here’s how the discounts work. The Martin, as a consignment, is an item we cannot apply the Tier 3 discount to, but since the purchase total exceeds $500, you’ll still receive the 20% discount on the beginner guitar kit.

We are ALSO giving anyone who purchases a consignment item will receive a 10% off coupon for future shop owned purchases for use starting 1/1/17, with an expiration date of 4/30/17.
So, going back to the Martin example, on top of the 20% off discount for the smaller items, you’ll receive the coupon to use in the new year, for inevitable strings, accessories, a didgeridoo (true story), etc - basically if we own it, it’s eligible.

AND we are increasing the future use coupon to 15% off shop owned items for anyone that purchases one of our in stock locally produced products (currently includes items from Trigens Guitars or Jim Grandon Pickups.) So for the sake of consistency, change the Martin in our example here to, say, our Trigens Rowdycaster and fill in the gaps.

We’ll also have some free stuff! Small Business Saturday Shop Small tote bags, stickers, buttons, etc. so if you’re making your way downtown, walking fast and all that, stop by and make a purchase, and you can have a have a shiny new Shop Small tote bag to carry all your Small Shopping in. Aren’t you fancy?

Now, the fine print in not so fine print. These discounts are for prices as listed only, and do not apply to day-of trade ins, prior trades with a remaining store credit balance, or existing layaways. We can, however, apply these discounts for new layaways created day of.

Monday, November 7, 2016

November Open Mic announced!

Join us on November 17th once again for Open Mic at The Thought Lot! Free admission, and all are welcome (acoustic is preferred however, we'd like to keep it simple.) Sound prep and sign ups start at 6PM, and the night's entertainment commences at 7PM. Share your music, poetry, comedy, etc. There is a 3 song limit on music, and a 10 minute max for spoken acts. Hosted by Evan Crider. Sponsored by Ace Music and Valentine Guitar Services.