Wednesday, September 23, 2020

New Customer PSA: GPS Issues

First of all, we would like to thank any of the new customers we've received recently for stopping by and checking us out over the past few months. With COVID-19 still affecting many, we
braced a much larger impact to our business, but instead experienced a mostly standard "summer slow down." So thank you for your continued or new business, and we look forward to continue serving all of you.

But enough about that. It has come to our attention that once again, people are having unnecessary difficulties locating us as a result of GPS issues, and we would like to address it. To the best of our abilities, we've attempted to double and triple check all listings and common sources for directions to our location, and for some reason, we've gotten reports of multiple different incorrect destinations. Hopefully this clarification may help.

We are located inside the Thought Lot at 37 E Garfield St, in Shippensburg, PA behind the Gandy Manor townhouses along Earl St. If you are directed by a GPS and ended up near Katie's Place on S Penn St, please continue down the hill via Garfield St and we will be on your right. If you see a large gray warehouse with a yellow stripe in the middle or a painted brick mural adjacent to Garfield St, you are in the right place. (This is a message on our phone system as well, so if you need this information while on the way, you can call our number and press 2.)

If, for some reason you, end up by the beer distributor or Country Corner Rental Center, you are close but not quite there. Proceed to the Earl/Orange 4 way stop, and turn onto S Earl St (toward the train overpass by the baseball fields.) Right before the overpass, there is a left turn onto Garfield St, and you can see the building from there. See the description above to be sure.

If you have experienced issues with directions getting to us, please submit a contact form at with details of where you received the directions (Google, Apple Maps, etc.) and we will look into the issue. Thank you!

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Popular on VG Academy - August 2020

Coming to you a little late this month - only a couple popular items this month on VG Academy, but here's what people are checking out right now:

Dan Crary's Flatpick Guitar Workshop 

(link goes to product page for more info)

"This in-depth lesson by one of the most dynamic and accomplished players on the acoustic scene contains classic tunes and a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and powerful ideas."


Learn the Art of Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar

"Learn the style, fanciness, smoothness, comfort, finess, power, dynamics & subtle details that will make you sound slick!" 


 If you're a beginner looking for more basic materials to supplement your learning process,  these types of instruction may not be for you. In those cases, check out our Youtube channel, where we feature videos detailing the ins and outs of both beginning technique, as well as more complicated material made easier. And best of all - it's free!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Introducing: This is a Riff

For the past month, videos have unfortunately had to take a bit of a back seat to day-to-day shop business - shooting and editing take a lot longer than probably most people realize!

But we're back today introducing a new series: This is a Riff. Each video covers a single personal favorite riff (that's not always well-known) back to front from an instructional perspective. The first episode, which you will see embedded at the bottom of this post, covers the intro to Dancers to a Discordant System by Meshuggah. While this one does have some limitations due to strings, you might still be able to learn something! For links to the original song, the Ultimate Guitar tab used in the video, and recommended tab software, see the video description for more info.

As always, we appreciate you checking it out. Subscribe if you haven't - we are still a little ways off for the 100 sub minimum for an actually useful channel URL, so each one actually does help.

Also - this is in addition to Average Guitar for Average People, so if you've been enjoying those, there's still more on the way.

So without further ado... this is a riff: 


Thursday, September 3, 2020

PSA: Reverb Sale

Starting today, Reverb is facilitating a 15% off site sale on seller selected items under the Long Weekend Sale heading. We will be offering several items on this sale, including but not limited to:



a leftover from before our name change and transition to near-exclusively fretted stringed instruments


We expect there to be less "retail seller" participation during this and future site sale events- this could be attributed to the fee increase taking place on August 4th of this year (see this post for more info) among other situational concerns. In our case, we are only able to include items with a little extra price flexibility, but we will continue to participate in whatever capacity we are able to.
 The sale concludes on September 8th at 11am CDT (noon our time), so check it out before it's gone!

Refer-a-friend (use this link if you're not already on Reverb, you'll get $10 in site credit)